The Psychology of Colour in Home Staging

The Psychology of Colour in Home Staging (03.15.18)
Home staging is about attracting buyers to your home, helping them see its potential and preparing it to be sold for the highest price. It isn’t just about de-cluttering and making it presentable. Buyers walking into your personal space seek a feel-good vibe. They want to be inspired and feel all the comforts of the home, envisioning it as their ideal living space. And visual appeal will enhance their desire to purchase it.
Let’s face it, there’s psychology to buying and selling a home. And from a home staging point of view, colour can optimize the perceived value of the home. That’s why choosing décor colours that appeal to the masses is important.
The psychology of colour is based on the mental and emotional effects colour has on an individual. When prepping your home for sale, colour is one of the most powerful components. Why? The colours which surround a buyer can directly affect their mood and actions.

Here are some tips for using colour in home staging:
1. Neutralize the home’s core colour palette.
2. Accent it with colours that add character without distraction.
3. Choose gender neutral colours, avoiding pink, purple, red & neon.
4. Use accent colours (light blue, green, yellow, orange) to draw a buyer’s eye to the home’s positive attributes.
5. Use pillows, plants, tableware, accent chairs & artwork to rejuvenate spaces
6. Choose colours that are inviting & draw buyers to attractive spaces where they feel relaxed & confident to make a good buying decision.
7. Use neutral colours (white & taupe) to present a clean, pure appearance.

Your home stager will discuss using warm and cool colours to accentuate the home through the use of paint, furniture and accessories.

Here are the differences between warm and cool colours:                                                                                               Warm colours: (red, yellow & orange)
Deliver the warmth of sun or fire
Draw attention to specific areas/rooms
Yellow adds a refreshing look to any room
Often used as accents to pop out neutral shades

Cool colours: (blue, green & purple/violet)
Deliver calm, cool tones of natural things like water & grass
Make a room look & feel more relaxed
Blue serves as a soothing colour to bedrooms & bathrooms
Green provides balance, harmony & tranquility
Colour can be a powerful tool to motivate, encourage imagination and trigger positive emotional responses from buyers. Work with your home stager and use the right warm and cool colours to Strategize. Personalize. Visualize.
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BIG Tips for Staging a Small Home


BIG Tips for Staging a Small Home (06.06.18)                                                                
You’ve lived in it to see many memories unfold. The birth of your children. Graduation. Anniversaries. Retirement and more. But now you’re ready to sell your quaint century home, with all of its traditional characteristics, distinct features, and upgraded fixtures. In fact, your small home has big value in today’s real estate market. Consider this: with homeowners facing heating and property tax increases, more buyers are opting for smaller homes. And that’s good news for you. So how can you cash in and make your cozy home, and its small living space and intimate property, more marketable to buyers?
First, keep in mind, it’s not your square footage that matters most, it’s how you present it. But if you’ve accumulated a lifetime of memories in your small home, chances are those small spaces appear crowded, cluttered and simply too complex to look at. The key is to make those spaces appear larger than they are and accentuate all the best features without compromising the less is more principal. Before you enlist the design-savvy services of a home staging expert to help, here are some practical tips to get your home ready:
Declutter: It’s a popular word. And it’s a fulfilling venture when you get rid of unwanted items. The mental and physical space that stems from decluttering means more breathing room and good energy comes in.
Minimize: Smaller spaces tend to favour a more minimalist design. Remove surplus. Clear off countertops, tabletops, mantles, bookshelves, cupboards and other surfaces where only few items can be showcased.
Let light in: Remove heavy drapes or other window treatments. Use sheer fabrics to let light, make the space larger and brighter and extend the view inside to the outside.
One paint colour: Use one neutral paint colour throughout the home to create a continuous and spacious feel.
Prints: Replace prints with solids. Florals, stripes or other decorative prints tend to close in small spaces. Solid prints open up small spaces.
Artwork: Blank wall spaces make rooms look bigger. Minimize artwork.
Light it up: Add more light to every room, making each brighter and bigger. Light also elevates a room as if were showcased on stage.
Mirrors: Create a multi-dimensional or larger look and feel using mirrors.
Big things come in small packages! So work with your home stager to help enhance the coziness of your small home. Strategize. Personalize. Visualize.
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Curb Appeal


Curb Appeal ( 01.13.18)

You’re ready to sell your home! Congratulations! While it’s a bittersweet time, and you’ll miss summers in the backyard and winters by the fireplace inside, you know…it’s time to move. And your home is a commodity you want to sell for the highest possible price. So Whynot get a head start on preparing for that sale and planning for the best possible outcome! And that could mean investing in a home staging service that will enhance your home’s charm and appeal—inside and out. Before you do anything, it’s a good idea to do a personal experiment and make notes on your home. What’s your first impression? What’s the home’s best exterior features? What are its worst exterior features or weaknesses? Walk around the property. Would you buy your home?

Many homebuyers make quick decisions on whether to attend a home’s open house or to pass on it based on its curb appeal. When your home looks updated, organized and inviting outside, chances are buyers will take a peek inside. But sometimes, sellers focus only on the interior, opting to focus on renos that fetch top dollar (ie. Kitchens, bathrooms, windows, etc.). This is a valuable venture, but improving the exterior flirts with a buyer’s mindset and visual lean.
It’s like judging a book by its cover. Many homebuyers are visually-driven and need that exterior attraction to be drawn in. Some tips to help you get started on turning the outside into a haven for homebuyers:

  • De-clutter the property. Put away garden tools, hoses, empty pots, etc.
  • Clean the windows. Hire a professional window washer to do the job.
  • Add a fresh coat of paint to chipped window sills, door frames, etc.
  • Do some yard work: mow the lawn; pull weeds; wash the deck; edge the grass; trim tree limbs; rake and dispose of leaves; add flowers.
  • Improve the lighting on your driveway, back deck, front porch and pathways to and around the property.
  • Wood stain or paint the garage door. De-clutter and add shelves inside.
  • Revamp your Welcome mat to ensure the message is inviting.

Turn heads by turning your home into a conversation piece on the block. They say happy homes are reflected from the outside in. If you don’t have time to invest in simple upgrades or meticulous landscaping projects, a home stager like Kelly Whynot can help give your home that lasting impression for homebuyers.
Strategize. Personalize. Visualize.
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Is Home Staging a good investment?


Is Home Staging a good investment?

Home Staging is one of the most effective marketing strategies in the real estate industry today. But is it worth the hype, the investment and the time? Given the explosion of online marketing, real estate industry experts say that uploading photos of staged homes:
a.  helps to boost pre-sale calls to real estate agents
b.  helps to increase the number of visitors to scheduled home viewings
c.  expands potential buyer reach beyond exterior For Sale signage

Looking to sell your home faster and for a higher price? Home staging creates instant visual appeal, enhances buyer preferences and ignites buyer calls to action. But does that convince you to stage your home? This may help with your decision:

Buyer’s Concern #1: Home staging is costly!
Whynot Home Staging: Home staging costs a fraction of the home’s value and other costs associated with the sale. According to real estate experts, staged homes sell 6% more than the asking price. Don’t worry, we’ll work within your budget, using cost-effective strategies to help you save money. Our network of affordable resources, simple solutions and innovative and skilled experience allows us to stage your home on budget and within your timelines. Home staging is a small investment for a big return!

Buyer’s Concern #2: Cosmetic details are over-rated!
Whynot Home Staging: It’s a highly competitive market. It’s not often a home will sell as is so that’s why details matter. Knicks on a hardwood floor, wall dents, ceiling cracks and uneven tiling can turn buyers off. They’ll calculate the costs for all the necessary fix-ups and ask for a price reduction. Home staging creates more visual attraction, appealing to buyers’ emotions and sense of belonging in the home. Home staging presents a clean, well-maintained and de-cluttered home. It really is all in the details!

Buyer’s Concern #3: My home already looks decorated!
Whynot Home Staging: Decorating and home staging are different. When you decorate your home, it’s a personalized task. When your residence is home staged, the décor appeals to everyone in the market. When buyers walk in, they want to envision living there, not be exposed to your personal taste and style. Home staging accentuates the positive features and minimizes the negative features in a subtle, yet pleasing way. When buyers walk into a well-manicured home, renewed energy and excitement in the space is the result. A staged home is a sale waiting to happen!

Strategize. Personalize. Visualize.

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