An Intrinsic Love for The Craft 

Capturing Magic Through The Lens

Intuitive. Dedicated. Inspirational. That’s the best way to describe professional home stager, Kelly Whynot, USC™. With a distinctive last name like “Whynot,” it’s no surprise that Kelly’s personalized service is founded on endless home staging possibilities for creating a marketable and sellable vacant or occupied home.

As a Certified UltimateStager™ and Re-Designer, Kelly’s passion for home staging and re-design stemmed from a young age when rearranging furniture and sketching designs was second nature. As a former customer service and sales rep in the dental industry, Kelly’s career shift to home staging was a natural transition, given her outstanding communications and interpersonal skills and deep knowledge of sales and marketing strategies.

Kelly completed Drafting for Interiors, Colour Theory, and Kitchen planning and Renovation at George Brown College and is a graduate of The UltimateStager™ Academy. Equipped with a successful home staging system, founded on her personalized, customer-first approach,  she started Whynot Home Staging and Design in 2017 and continues to follow her passion and build her business servicing the Toronto and surrounding GTA area.

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kelly whynot USC™

Certified Home Stager


“Sometimes a buyer’s first impression is the only impression. So an investment in home staging, and creating a more appealing environment, can be much less than reducing the price of a home.”

   -Kelly Whynot

Home Staging vs interior decorating

what’s the difference

Decorating and home staging are different. When you decorate your home, it’s a personalized task. Home staging accentuates the positive features and minimizes the negative features in a subtle, yet pleasing way. When buyers walk into a well-manicured home, renewed energy and excitement in the space is the result. A staged home is a sale waiting to happen!

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“Home staging is an art form that makes a property look like a model home. Buyers typical spend an average of six minutes in a home. So it must be transformed into a marketable commodity and have an irresistible appeal.”

-Kelly Whynot