Staging a home is more than adding furniture and accessories. It’s about using strategic planning and understanding the psychology of the buyer when it comes to creating the ultimate appearance of an ideal living space.
–Kelly Whynot, Owner & President

Strategize. Personalize. Visualize.

What is home staging?

Home staging is a combination of Interior Decorating and Marketing. The Home Staging industry prepares a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The service is designed to evaluate repairs needed to improve the home’s interior or curb appeal and create a positive first impression for potential buyers. Home staging is like a cosmetic makeover for a home, sometimes involving the removal of lived-in furniture, painting over walls with neutral colours and adding eye-catching aesthetics.

A professional home staging service is designed to:

  • Evaluates repairs needed to improve the home’s interior or curb appeal.
  • Highlight finer features of each space in a home.
  • Create mass appeal & the most number of potential buyers.
  • Sell a home faster and for more money

It’s the ultimate philosophy of Whynot Home Staging & Design. When you create mass appeal for a home, you’re essentially accentuating the best qualities and essence of every room, living, storage, and recreational space. Our mission is to help clients achieve a high return on investment by showing the property’s true potential.
How can a home sell for the highest price?
Industry sources say that staging a home provides an average of 390% return on investment.

Whynot Home Staging & Design works with Home Builders, Property Management, Real Estate Agents, Investors, and homeowners, within the GTA and surrounding areas.

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